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PE Clothes

Dressing Out

PE uniforms are required: students must dress out for PE daily.  PE clothes worn over clothes worn to school do not count as dressing out.

Students may purchase Price logo uniforms from the P.E. department or if you need financial assistance for the PE clothes, please contact the office.   Students must wear only their clothes that are clearly labeled first name, last initial or loaner clothing.  Students are not allowed to wear other students’ clothing.  Students are not allowed to draw or decorate their clothes in any way and clothes will need to be replaced if they do so.  NO non-Price jackets may be worn.  P.E. clothes may not be worn in any non-P.E. class. 

First Name Last Initial on All Clothing in Black Sharpie and No Extra Logo’s or Designs.

Locker Room

Students are expected to lock all personal belongings in lockers in order to keep belongings safe during the PE period.  

PE Clothes Price List

  1. shirt – heather gray, short-sleeve, crew neck $15.00 each

  2. shorts – royal blue $12.00 each (combo: shirt & shorts $25.00)

  3. sweatpants (optional) – royal blue $24.00 each

  4. sweatshirt (optional) – heather gray $25.00 each

  5. cinch bag (optional) $10.00 each

  6. shoes – athletic shoes with laces only!

Please bring completed PE Purchase Form to school with cash or check, made payable to Price Middle School. 

Please write the first and last name of your student in the memo section of the check.  PE Clothes are distributed to students on Wednesdays during lunch.  

PE Clothes Order Form